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The Finance Department

Options for paying fees

Contact details: Income section

Self-financed students have a choice of the following methods of payment:

  1. Cheque payment of the full fee on enrolment. (Cheques must be made payable to: "Birkbeck College") See enrolment papers for details.
  2. Credit card payment of the full fee on enrolment. See enrolment papers for details.
  3. Cheque or cash payment by three termly instalments:
    1. For 2009-2010, due dates are 28 September 2009, 4 January 2010 and 19 April 2010.
    2. Cash payment can only be made in person at the Fees Office Counter.
    3. Cheque payment can be made in person or by post (cheques must be made payable to: "Birkbeck College").
  4. Direct debit payment by eight monthly instalments (October to May, payable 1st month or next banking day). See Payment of College Fees By Direct Debit. Please note, this payment option is only available to students who hold a UK bank account.
  5. BACS payment (bank transfer) is also available for overseas students only. Please contact the Income Section for more details.

Note: "Bankers Drafts" and "International Money Orders" are also acceptable for Overseas Students. (These must be in £UK Sterling)

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